We have an automated smart warehouse which allows us to achieve:

  • u

    High levels of productivity

    A substantial reduction in the relationship between results and the time taken to achieve them.

  • F

    A maximisation of usable space

    The physical space available for storing products is exploited to the full...

    So that the stored products/space used ratio is maximised.

  • R

    An improved service quality

    At present, the search for quality in the services is...

    One of the main trends in the distribution sector, and it is this very quality which distinguishes successful companies from those that remain run-of-the-mill.

    The quality of service is the basis for survival for a company: competition and the existence of increasingly better-informed customers are two factors contributing to this awareness.

  • q

    A perpetual inventory

    The perpetual inventory system gives us reliable accurate information....

    and allows us to instantly obtain true information about stock values, enabling quality decisions to be made based on the accuracy of the information

    in addition to providing continuous updated information about the ratio between the warehouse stock and the theoretical inventory.

  • '

    The elimination of errors

    The elimination of errors derived from the manual management of the warehouse.

Here you have a video of our warehouse:

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